Unstable Unicorns Wins TOTY’s People’s Choice Award

Congratulations to  TeeTurtle! Their game Unstable Unicorns took home the People’s Choice Award  from the 2019 Toy of The Year Awards.

A Kickstarter success story, Unstable Unicorns,  is a strategy card game where adorable unicorns do what the do best: battle! Build your unicorn army and prevent your foes from doing the same. The player with the most unicorns at the end of the game wins!

“Every day, we work to design products that allow people to share meaningful experiences,” said CEO and Founder of TeeTurtle, Ramy Badie. “We strive to make games that are not only fun to play, but also help people express themselves and find a sense of belonging. Winning this People’s Choice Award is such an honor because it validates our purpose and inspires us to keep creating.”

TeeTurtle’s game brand, Unstable Games, has launched several other titles including SCRAM, Llamas Unleashed, Daring Contest, and Exiled Legends. Unstable Unicorns and all of the latest games from TeeTurtle are featured at the 2019 New York Toy Fair and can be found at booth #6757.

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