The Trick Shot that Won the ICECOOL Antarctica Challenge

Brain Games has announced the winner of their exciting ICECOOL Antarctica challenge, which asked players to send in videos of their best trick-shots during games of ICECOOL to compete for a trip to Antarctica on a new cruise ship, Hondius, to hang out with Penguins.


They received 262 entries from all over world and was judged by board game experts – Tom Vasel (internationally recognized podcaster, designer and reviewer of board games, Host of The Dice Tower), Joachim Ulbrich (Amigo Spiele CEO), Egils Grasmanis (Brain Games CEO).

“ICECOOL is loved by thousands of people around the world. For me Antarctica has always been a dream destination, I believe for many of our fans as well. I thought – why not give them a chance to visit this breathtaking place they probably would never visit on their own and to meet the real penguins,” says Egils Grasmanis, Brain Games CEO.

The winner, Thomas Myrmel from Netherlands, created a video where he cleverly played “Jungle Bells” by flicking ICECOOL penguins at bells.

“My nephew brought the board game to our house and we were playing, together with my children, when we noticed that the penguins make great sounds when they accidentally hit some metallic toys that were nearby. We started making a kind of bell choir, but we only had 4 penguins, and thought that some real pitched bells would make it even better! My nephew Roy suggested that we make a jingle bells cover and came up with the whole story about penguins studying Christmas in school. It was a real team effort,” lays out video author Thomas. In December he and his nephew and teammate Roy will enjoy discovery and learning voyage through the “Classic Antarctic” route, taking on an adventure through Antarctica.

You can watch Thomas’s video here:

Check out all the amazing ICECOOL Antarctica video entries at!

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