The OP Announces Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition!

Today, in news about IP’s I would never have thought to mix, but am intrigued by, the OP has announced they are bringing Kingdom Hearts into the world of Talisman!

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition combines the classic adventure board game with the popular video game series. Play as some of your favorite Disney and Square Enix characters like Sora, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey, and Goofy as they explore worlds and work to gather the Strength and Magic needed to seal the Door to Darkness and finally stop the oncoming horde of heartless.

This 2-6 player game will have a beautifully illustrated board, custom marbleized six-sided dice, tokens, and cards that feature art based on Kingdom Hearts. You’ll be able to get your hands on Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition in North America and Europe later this year.

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition marks the start of the partnership between the OP and Games Workshop and, according to them: “…enthusiasts can expect more dynamic titles to come from the collaboration! ”

You can visit the official page at or check out the OP’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels for more information.


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