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Tides of Time is coming soon to iOS & Android!

Portal Games Digital has announced they will be releasing the Tides of Time mobile game for both Android and iOS this month!

Tides of Time is a drafting/set-collection game for two players. Each turn, you are dealt a hand of 5 cards and must draft one card at a time then pass you hand to your opponent after each selection. At the end of the round you score points based on the unique scoring rules on the cards and then may keep one of the cards for the following rounds.

Designed by Kristian Čurla and developed by Michał Walczak (Cry Havoc), Tides of Time features beautiful illustrations by Tomasz Jedruszek, Chris Ostrowski, Dan Pellow, Blake Rottinger, Artur Sadlos, and Rafał Szyma.

The digital game will allow you to  play against an AI opponent or with a friend in the Hot Seat mode, earn achievements, learn how to play with Tutorial mode, and will be available in English and Polish. More details about the digital game will be announced at the Gama Trade Show, March 11-15. You can also keep an eye on Portal’s new digital games website to learn more and stay updated.

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