Draftosaurus Stomps onto Shelves

Exciting news! Ankama’s dino drafting/set-collection game, Draftosaurus, is now available in UK stores and online!

First presented at the International Games Festival in Cannes, Draftosaurus is a family game about building the best dinosaur park ever. To attract visitors to your park, you’ll need to draft dino meeples and decide where to place them in your zoo (keeping their placement restrictions in mind). Every turn one player will roll a die to add an extra restriction to where dinos can be placed.

Jess: The Kaedama team behind Draftosaurus , Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc, and Théo Rivière, are well known and respected designers in board games and the previous games I’ve seen from Ankama have been light, fun, and worth checking out. You can pick up a copy of Draftosaurus on Ankama’s website here or from Philibert.net.


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