Party Games Meet Science in Genius Games’ Newest Title: Nerd Words: Science

Genius Games, the fine purveyors of educational science-based board games, are Kickstarting their new game Nerd Words: Science!

Players will team up and try to guess secret science terms based on the clues they are given. Each clue must begin with a different letter in the secret word and give hints to the word itself. When your team submits a guess they will also bet on how confident they are in their answer. If you’re right you can win bit, but if your guess is incorrect, kiss those points goodbye.

“This is an exciting time for Genius Games as we prepare to release our very first science-based word game, Nerd Words: Science!,” noted John Coveyou, founder and CEO of Genius Games. “There are many party games in the marketplace, but Nerd Words will be the first to blend real science with a fun experience at the gaming table. You can play it with your friends at game night, with your family, or even in the classroom, and everyone will have a blast… and even learn some science terminology along the way.”

Nerd Words: Science will be available in store in time for the 2019 holiday
shopping season for $29.99. The Kickstarter will include stretch goals that will add
component upgrades and special ‘topic’ packs of new Science Terms, including earth science, astronomy, and medicine that players can add into the game. For more details about the game and testimonials, visit the Kickstarter campaign here.


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