Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game Coming Soon

Square Enix has announced they will be publishing a new tabletop game based in the Tomb Raider franchise called Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game.

3-4 players take on the role of legendary archaeologist, Lara Croft, as she searches for a lost artifact. Each Lara will explore ruins filled with dangerous creatures. The goal is simple find and acquire the artifact. Of course you’ll have to outwit your opponents to make it to the artifact before they do.

The game includes over a dozen possible areas to discover and can be combined in multiple ways giving the game a lot of replayability.

Scheduled for release in May 2019, players can pre-order Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game for $59.99 on the Square Enix Members eStore and at select retailers.

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