Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 4/19/19

Jess: Each week I scour Kickstarter for the most exciting, entertaining, or oddball Kickstarters I can find and list them off here for your convenience!

What caught my eye this week? Let’s find out!

Maximum Apocalypse: Legendary Edition with Miniatures

This Kickstarter is for the super deluxe version of Rock manor Games’ popular adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Maximum Apocalypse. The legendary edition comes with everything you need to play plus detailed miniatures, Game Trayz inserts, a quickstart guide to the the Role Playing Game based in the Maximum Apocalypse setting,and lots of room in the box for future expansions.

This campaign is a perfect way to to dive into the game if you’ve never had the chance or to get that perfect gift for someone who’s a fan of Maximum Apocalypse. I’ve had the opportunity to play the game and it is challenging,tense, and fun. Visit the Maximum Apocalypse Kickstarter campaign for more info.

On Mars

It’s time to colonize the red planet. On Mars puts you and your fellow players into the shoes of the chief astronauts tasked by their companies to help set up a sustainable colony. You’ll all be contributing to the success of the colony, but only one company will come out on top.

During each turn there are two phases:  Colonization ​and Shuttle​. Which actions you can take depend on if you are in the space station or on the planet. The space station allows you to get blueprints, supplies, and upgrade your technology. If you are planetside, you can construct buildings, get contracts, and explore Mars. The shuttle action lets you travel between the space station and the planet’s surface. At the end of the game, whoever earns the most points by contributing to the colonization efforts wins. Ian O’Toole’s art of On Mars is striking and designer, Vital Lacerda well known for his euro-style games with interconnecting mechanisms making this Kickstarter super exciting. Learn more about On Mars on Kickstarter here.

Runes & Regulations: A Game of Suburban Sorcery

Runes & Regulations is a strategy card game about trying to own more pets that your neighborhood home owners association deems acceptable. You live in a fantastical suburban neighborhood and are really keen on building your menagerie. To win the game, you must collect 5 pets, but you must also follow the HOA’s rules which how the game is play each time a new one comes out.

During the game, you’ll also be able to screw with your neighbors and protect yourself using powerful spells. Runes & Regulations combines witty humor about the fussy nature of HOA’s and the adorable art style Tee Turtle is known for. Check out Runes & Regulations: A Game of Suburban Sorcery on Kickstarter here for more info.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage

Become a vampire, make more vampires, and make your mark on 700 years of history in Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage. Designed by Babis Giannios, Heritage is a legacy game that has players completing missions that could change history such as backing Joan of Arc at the siege of Orleans or stealing treasures from the Knights Templar.

At the end of each game, players can chronicle their actions on their timeline and turn their mortal allies into vampires for future games. I love a game with stories that unfold and Heritage has literal centuries of history to discover. There are plenty of add-ons to expand you game in this campaign so head on over to Kickstarter to sink your teeth into Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage.


We’ll be doing a quick Kickstarter preview of this real-time dice-roller microgame for two, but I just wanted to give it a quick shout-out here.  In ELEVEN FIFTY NINE, both players are trying to be the dominant in a standoff between two nuclear powers.  As fast as you can, you’ll be rolling in order to build up your nuclear launch capacity and destroy your enemy’s bunker or (and I was shocked this was even an option) use diplomacy to come out the winner!

This little game is a bite-sized bit of frantic dice rolling, and we definitely enjoyed it in short bursts.  Stay tuned for our full preview, but in the meantime, you can head on over to the (well funded) ELEVEN FIFTY NINE Kickstarter page and see what all the fallout is about!

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!


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