Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/24/19

Hey everyone!  Another week down, another roundup of Kickstarters for you to consider backing!

The One Hundred Tori combines some of my favorite things in games: building something, an engaging theme, and Vincent Dutrait’s art. In the game, players are trying to earn the most journey points by adding to the garden and weaving their way through as many torii as possible. By meeting interesting characters you’ll gain extra points and advantages; for example the vendor allows you to discard 1 tile and draw 2 new ones. You can also earn bonus points for achievements such as being the first player to gain help from the same character 3 times.

We will be doing a full Kickstarter preview of The One Hundred Torii, but I’m already super-excited from what I’ve seen of the campaign.  It’s my kinda game, and I think it’s going to be a great one!

You can check out The One Hundred Torii on Kickstarter here.

Icaion is set in the fantastical Mysthea Universe where adventurers leave the city to seek out precious treasures, crystal shards, called Qoam, and powerful artifacts in the barren wastes. In this engine/ territory building game you’ll compete against other players to earn the most reputation points and win the game by deploying your machines, extracting crystals, eradicating parasites, and exploring the colossus.

While big miniature-driven games aren’t always my thing, Icaion looks pretty cool, especially since it’s not a straight-up tactical war simulator or whatever.  And as a neat bonus, if you have the previous game Mysthea or purchase it through the Kickstarter, it can be combined with Icaion to make a third game called Mysthea: The Fall.

Learn more about Icaion on Kickstarter here.

This Kickstarter, run by Stonghold Games, is for an updated re-release of Egizia, a game I must admit I’ve never played.  However, this card drafting/worker placement game looks like a really slick resource management and allocation experience, and this new edition an updated 2 player experience, which sounds great.  And it looks awesome too!

For those who are familiar with the original game, the changes to this edition aren’t just aesthetic – some core scoring mechanisms have been overhauled for what the designers promise is a more engaging experience.  However, the board is now double-sided, with the original game entirely present on one side, so if you miss your old scoring mechanisms, they’ve got you covered!

You can check out the Egizia Kickstarter here!


Ok, this one looks really neat.  I love a simple dexterity game, and FLIPFLICK is exactly that, themed around one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite meals!  In FLIPFLICK, players will take turns (you guessed it) flicking pancake cards, earning points for how successfully they manage to control the flip of their cards.  See!

FLIPFLICK is a push your luck game, though – the more you push your score, the more you have to lose if you end up dropping the pancakes!  And of course, your fellow chefs will be looking to mess with you at every opportunity.  But hey, all’s fair in love and pancakes, I always say.  What, I always say that.  It’s frequently relevant.

Flip yourself on over to the FLIPFLICK Kickstarter page and see what all the Flicking is about!

Little Flower Shop Mini-Pack

It’s no secret that we love a lot of Steve Finn’s designs, and The Little Flower Shop is no exception.  With the Mini-Pack (available for 3 more days!), you can snag a copy of the base game, as well as a few little expansions that only add to this lovely game’s appeal!

The Mini-Pack introduces a simple little variant to the core game, adding a touch of risk and randomness when drafting cards with which to fill your florist shop.  You can also use this Kickstarter to grab the Potpourri Pack, which added unique twists on the base game’s rules.  If you’ve got room in your library for a truly fun, light, easy to engage drafting game, then this one’s definitely for you!

Snag yourself some Dr. Finn goodness here!

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