Sunny Day Review

Sunny Day
Asmodee, Happy Baobab, Ludicorn
Manu Palau
Mélanie Desplanches, Agsty Im
2–4 Players

Real talk time – I’ve had a hard couple of weeks that have left my mental faculties lying somewhere in a gutter, so when Andrew recently asked the age old question “What should we play tonight?”, my brain cringed. I was not capable of focusing on a highly strategic Euro with multiple paths to victory, intense auctions, a bevy of workers to place, or betrayals I must enact.

Andrew: How about a sunny day at the beach where all you have to worry about is how much ice cream you can eat?

Jess: I. AM. IN.

Sunny Day is a family-weight, tile-laying game where players compete to match as many icons as possible. The board is formed out of 30 tiles in a 5×6 grid, and the rest of the tiles form a supply that players will draw from. Everyone will start with a hand of 2 tiles and on their turn must place 1 tile so that it touches at least one other tile and must complete at least 1 icon.

The player will then take all tiles that have newly-completed icons (except for the tile they just placed). If any of the completed icons are an Ice Cream or Sun, the active player also collects a face-down bonus token which can be 0, 1, or 2 points. Then that player must arrange the collected tiles in their personal area following the same rules as the main board. If a tile cannot be placed so that it completes at least 1 icon, it is discarded.

Once the supply of tiles runs out and the players have placed all of their tiles, the game is over. Players score points for every tile in their personal area, points from bonus tokens, and extra points for every completed icon in their personal area. Whoever has the most points, wins!

Andrew: It really is that simple!

Jess: Absolutely, yeah.  And it’s so fun for it’s simplicity.  Sunny Day is the kind of game you can play to relax.  Sure, it would be a great game to play with younger players (and introduce them to concepts like set completion and tile laying, etc.), but after the week I’ve had, Sunny Day was just perfect.

Andrew: I totally agree.  Sunny Day is a little treat, meant to be enjoyed for exactly what it is.  And I liked it too!

Sunny Day is fun and refreshingly uncompleted. I find that the term “family-weight” sometimes turns adult players off because  they feel it will lack an essential complexity that somehow equates to fun, but in my experience these kinds of games are totally enjoyable depending on what you are looking for at the time.

For those looking for a light, fun little game, Sunny Day is the right level of challenge that gives your brain a break and gives you the mental room to hang out and chat while playing instead of burning precious bran-cells on heavy strategy.

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Suggestions based on Sunny Day

  • For those into family-weight games that are fun for the whole family: Go Cuckoo! – This excellent dexterity game from HABA is simplicity itself, yet is as good a drinking game as it is a family game.  Giggles guaranteed.
  • For those just looking for a quick, fun filler: Ninja Dice – Ninja Dice is a classic dice-chucker where you are looking to get specific sets of symbols to overcome challenges.  However, your opponents will get to roll their dice alongside the active player, adding difficulty and interactivity to this light, quick little game. Also, it comes in a tiny ninja head pouch!
  • For those who love tile-laying puzzles: Carcassonne – Classics are classic for a reason, and this one still holds up. With a million little expansions, Carcassonne is a perfectly pastoral good time for any gamer group, and a game night favorite.

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