Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/31/19

It’s Kickstarter time! What have I been checking out this week? Let’s find out!

Note: Todays list is a bit abbreviated becaUSE i AMY HAVER BROKEN MY FINGFER AND i CAN’T TYPE.

The Wingspan dream team of Elizabeth Hargrave and Beth Sobel are back in action with a wallet game named Tussie Mussie. The game is based on the Victorian tradition of assigning meaning to flowers and uses an I-Cut-You_Choose play style. During the game players will have a hand of 2 cards which they will offer to another player with one card face-up and one face-down. The other player will take one card of their choice and the active player keeps the remaining card. Once all players have 4 cards, they reveal and take the actions on their cards. Scores are tallied and the player with the most points wins.

Light, fast, and beautifully illustrated, Tussie Mussie looks like another winner in the Buttonshy Collection. You can learn more about Tussie Mussie on Kickstarter here.

If you like Pirates and all that piratey stuff like sailing, treasure, and fighting giant kraken then Shiver Me Timbers will be right up your alley. Each player captains their own customizable ship as they seek to fulfill their life goals be they public or secret. The players will also collectively build the play map out of modular pieces; each trying to build the map in a way that is beneficial to their goals. The game itself if pretty open-ended letting you take your own paths to victory.

The really cool part of this game is the ships. The minis are modular and you can add pieces which will give you more sails, bigger holds, and extra cannons to turn your sloop into a galleon. I love games that let you build on physical components this way. Hunt down more info on Shiver Me Timbers  here on Kickstarter.

My editor saidf ai had to put a picture in. Mammoth is a tile laying gamne. Move your mammoths, change forests into grasslands, make lots of flowyers. looks cool. chek it out. My finegr hurts.

CUTE. deckbuilding Why do i keep hjitting capslock. Damnit. Itsa fantasy store simulator. Ow. I’m not kidding you guys i can’t type/.

I can’t. co-op, speed dice. You go look. Liek game? You baCK. I go skleep now.

What PAINKILLERS ARE are you backing this week? Let me knw in the comments below and CHeck back next week for more fun projects!

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