Help Kenny G Survive a Hectic Day With Some Smooth Jazz


Big G Creative, publisher of Bob Ross: Art of Chill and Monster Crunch, have tapped into a new, uncharted market: Kenny G Fans.

Based on the “daily trials in the life of world-renowned saxophone superstar Kenny G”, Keepin’ It Saxy is a cooperative game where players literally use the power of Jazz to save Kenny’s day.

I have so many questions.

Each round, players can collect, trade, and match sound cards to overcome a series of situations that might bum Kenny out such as a lost wallet, a broken sax reed, a traffic jam in Malibu, running out of hair product, and mismatched socks.

You’ll need to complete events to maintain Kenny’s groove throughout his day. If he manages to get through it all with at least one grrove token intact, everyone wins! Big G Creative recommends:  “For added fun, players can scat out the riffs on the cards when they complete an event. Don’t be surprised to hear friends say, “Biddle Scoodily Bop!” when they make a move.”

“We encourage players to put on some Kenny G and sit back, relax and enjoy our new game with friends,” said Shannon Swindle, Product and Communications Manager, Big G Creative. “Kenny G has a great sense of humor, and Keepin’ It Saxy captures that sense of fun and brings a groovy time to game night.”

“I never imagined that following a day in my life would be turned into a game that is so much fun,” said Kenny G. “Keepin’ it Saxy is a great combination of what I celebrate in life: Music, laughter, and spending time with friends and family.”

Keepin’ It Saxy is coming to exclusively in Target stores nationwide this week for a MSRP of $19.99.

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