Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 6/28/19

This week’s Kickstarticle is dedicated to Andrew because it’s his birthday! Everyone wish him a happy one and then check out which Kickstarters I think he’d enjoy in my list below!

The Isle of Cats

SAVE THE KITTIES!!!! The evil Lord Vesh is sailing for the island paradise of cats and it is up to you to save as many for the cats as possible. Explore the island, draft cards, load cats onto your boat, discover treasures, and learn lessons on how to score extra points at the end of the game.

The isle of cats is a puzzley tile-laying game beautifully illustrated by Dragolisco. After 5 rounds players score points based on how many cats they rescued, if they kept cat families together, and any other bonus points score from their lessons. This game hits all my buttons; exploration, tile-laying, cats, and great art. I cannot wait to have a chance to play this one. To get your paws on it, check out the Isle of Cats Kickstarter here.

The Blessed Dark

When the Ancient Ones rise it’s probably best to be on their good sides. In The Blessed Dark, players are cultists looking to garner favor with the old gods by gathering blood, completing rituals, casting spells, and summoning demons. You know, classic cultist stuff. Designer Nathan Meunier, describes gameplay of The Blessed Dark as “a super creepy vibed micro Yahtzee.”

Each turn players will be able to take one action of either drawing a spell card, drawing blood tokens, adding spells to their Grimoire, refreshing spells, or conducting a ritual. Rituals have a push-your-luck element where you only have 3 tries to get a legal combination to cast a spell. Tucked into a mint-tin, The Blessed Dark looks like a lot of dark and twisted dice-rolling fun. Cast a divination spell on The Blessed Dark by visiting the campaign here.

Dwellings of Eldervale

Combining worker placement, area control, engine building, Dwellings of Eldervale lets players explore the fantastical world of Eldervale. Player control unique faction who are looking to achieve dominance over 8 elemental realms by fighting monsters (or other players), casting powerful spells, exploring ruins, completing quests, and constructing dwellings.

The game looks beautiful and Breaking Games is going all out for this one with minis, metal coins, wooden tokens, Game Trayz inserts, jumbo cards, and tons of dice. This may be their biggest game yet. Learn more about Dwellings of Eldervale on Kickstarter here .

ROLL PLAYER – Fiends & Familiars Expansion

One of my favorite things when playing roleplaying games is character creation. Roll Player capitalizes on this as players try to build the greatest adventurer by building up their stats, quipping them with awesome gear, training their skills, and beating monsters. It is a fantastic game and this expansion adds unique powers as well as new monsters to face off against.
Familiars and Fiends are modifiers to player’s characters and the monsters. Familiars add unique powers such as gaining additional actions or allowing you to discard cards. Fiends make monsters more difficult such as placing limitations, but can be banished if you have enough coin or charm. The expansion also adds split dice which feature 2 different colors on their sides. Each die always counts as both colors, but the numbers on the die only go up to four. There’s plenty more to explore in the Fiends & Familiars Expansion, so go check it out here.

If you haven’t seen it, Andrew did a Game in a Minute on the Board Game Bag from Board Game Tables. I’ll give you the quick lo-down: We loved it. The bag is well made and packs a ton of games. Now BG Tables is back with a new and improved bag on Kickstarter.

This new bag has a higher weight capacity, has a lay flat design that lets you carry larger games without tipping them on their side, includes a name tag, reinforced seams, rubber feet, the list goes on and on. These bags are really great if you like to tote your games to friend’s houses, events, or on vacation. Learn more about the Board Game Bag campaign here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and Check back next week for more fun projects!

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