GameFor and Gen Con Partner to Promote Pop-Up Gen Con Events

GameFor is partnering with Gen Con to make finding Pop-Up Gen Con events easy and fun!

Pop-Up Gen Con events look to bring the convention experience to gamestores all across the country (and a few in the UK) so that gamers who cannot attend Gen Con can still enjoy trying out exclusive demo games and pre-order convention-release games before they hit the market. Over 40 stores will be participating this and to help you find your local event GameFor is featuring special visual call-outs in the Game Events listing in the GameFor app.

GameFor is an app designed to connect tabletop gamers to events, stores, groups, conventions, and other gamers near them. They have nearly 35,000 users and over 1,400 groups & clubs currently registered.

“Gen Con is a proud supporter of small businesses that build community by combining retail with gaming space and organized play,” said Gen Con spokesperson Jackie Miserany. “GameFor offers a unique and easy-to-use tool for finding local gaming events at FLGS, and we’re excited to partner with the GameFor team to bring greater awareness to our Pop-Up Gen Con pilot program this year by featuring our events on their platform.”

“As an avid attendee since 1992, I was delighted to work with Gen Con to help spread the word to gamers through our app,” said GameFor visual designer and spokesperson Adam Loper. “I love the Pop-Up Gen Con idea for gamers who can’t make the trip to Indy this year, and we look forward to spreading the word to get more gamers into the Gen Con frame of mind.”


You can download GameFor on iOS and Android mobile platforms, or use the web portal if you don’t have a phone handy. More information can be found at

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