Pandemic Digital Coming to the Switch and Xbox One

I’ve always been a fan of Pandemic as a cooperative game. It combines strategy and tension in a satisfying way that has you cheering when you finally manage to cure that last stubborn disease. Asmodee Digital has announced the release of the digital adaption of Pandemic for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™ which is set for August 1st for $19.99.

The game challenges players to combat 4 strains of virulent diseases that are quickly spreading across the Earth. Taking on roles of the contingency planner, dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher, operations expert, or quarantine specialist, players need to contain outbreaks and work together to find cures for these deadly pathogens.

While staying faithful to the original board game, the digital game allows for couch cooperative mode for up to 4 players and a solo mode and gives you a range of 5 difficulty settings to pit yourself against.

During September, additional content will be added on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™:

On the Brink – Virulent Strain will spread a new kind of virus into the world.

On the Brink – Roles & Events will offer players new roles add new events to help save mankind.

You can learn more about the release of Pandemic for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™ at

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