The Coping Companion is Card-Based Mindfulness

Many gamers I know struggle with a variety of challenges such as anxiety, depression, or loneliness. Non-profit organization, CheckPoint, has announced they are releasing a a deck of 55 illustrated cards, called the Coping Companion, which provide tips on coping with these feelings.

While not a game in itself, the Coping Companion includes 5 suites, Everyday Basics, Grounding and Mindfulness, Mindful Mantras, Thought Exercises and Problem Solving. Each of these have advice developed from psychological therapies, including CBT, ACT, DBT, Behavioural Activation and more. The deck also comes with a guidebook that includes expanded exercises to help you become comfortable with the activities.

The cards are beautifully illustrated by a team of artists whose work was inspired by a number of prompts and include work based on their own mental health journey. Some of the artists are from the team behind The Gardens Between, a puzzle-based video game about friendship.

Artist Diana Nguyen  said, “A lot of my friends and I struggle with mental health. Working on this submission made me realize that I want to make art that can help other people find strength or comfort.”

Dr Hazel, director and founder of Checkpoint, said. “This deck is a world first in creating a real, physical resource that can help people through the challenges of life. We opted for a card deck as it’s something people find familiar and discreet, as well as being small enough to carry around with you daily. You can easily personalize it and even make it into a motivational gaming experience. We are so grateful to our artists — their contribution to the project will genuinely change people’s lives all over the world. I’m so thrilled and excited, I can’t wait to see what people think!”

Coping Companion seems like a valuable resource that comes in a format that gamers are comfortable with. I could see this card set being helpful in stressful environments such as conventions or going to a public game night. You can pre-order a copy on CheckPoint’s new website Each deck includes 55 illustrated cards and guidebook and, if you like, you can also purchase a hardcover artbook, which collects all of the card’s illustrations.

Remember friends, we all must take care of ourselves as well as others. Be good to yourself and have fun.

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