Bezier Games Launches Silver Card Game App

Debuting at this year’s Gen Con, Bezier Games’ Silver is a card game based on their social deduction game Werewolf, but has a more traditional card game feel. To help players learn the game Bezier has released a free app.

The physical card game tasks players with ridding their town of dangerous werewolves. By using cards to attract werewolves and special abilities and the silver amulet to drive them off, players can call for a vote when they think they have the fewest werewolves.

The Silver app allows players to play a 2 player version of the game ( you vs an A.I.) and will be free for a limited time. In the game you will start with 5 facedown cards that represent your village. You will be able to draw residents from the deck who each possess a unique ability that will help you learn information about the village cards. By discarding sets of matching cards you can remove residents and werewolves in your village. 

As soon as you believe you have the least amount of werewolves in your village as compared to the A.I.’s, you can call for a vote. The A.I. will have one more turn to banish cards and then, if you have correctly guessed that you have less werewolves, you win the round, gain no points, and take control of the silver amulet. The loser gains the face value of their cards plus 10 points. The game is played in four rounds with the player who has the least amount of points winning.

You can try the Silver app out today on Android and iOS and learn more about Silver at

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