Monocle Society Hires Mike Fehlauer Hayes As Chief Operating Officer

Monocle Society is the company behind the critically acclaimed roleplaying app Weave and the family-friendly board game Dozen’s Donuts. Today the comapny announced they have hired Mike Fehlauer Hayes to the role of Chief Operating Officer. Mike has a well of experience in the tabletop community and business management and Monocle Society believes he will help support their rapidly growing business.


“Mike joins Monocle Society with a wealth of operational and growth management experience at both early-stage and mid-sized companies,” said Kyle Kinkade, Monocle Society’s CEO and founder. “We are thrilled to have a steady hand at the operational helm as we continue to expand our product line and broaden our customer base.”

According to the press release:

“Prior to joining Monocle Society, Hayes was Vice President of Penny Arcade. During his fourteen-year tenure, he helped launch and grow the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) game festivals as a recognizable brand worldwide, establish liveplay roleplaying as a financially viable form of entertainment, and expand the company into a successful hard-goods and merchandise-fulfilment business unit. Additionally Mike helped grow Child’s Play, the gamer charity dedicated to improving the lives of hospitalized children through games and technology in over 100 hospitals worldwide. Before Penny Arcade, Hayes was an early guiding hand at Amazon, where he helped design and launch Amazon’s entry into Toys, Software, and Computer & Video Games.”

“Kyle and the Monocle Society team have the passion and the skills to kick the door down and lead the way into the realm of augmented and mixed reality games,” said Hayes. “As a lifelong gamer, I couldn’t be more excited to join them in applying technology to create games that are easy to learn, accessible, fun, and built from the ground up for remote and stream play.”

Congrats Mike! we look forward to seeing what Monocle Society does with your help.

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