Genius Games Acquires Artana

Genius Games makes some really awesome f Science-based tabletop games, so it makes sense that they would be interested in the history and technology games of Artana LLC (Tesla vs. Edison, Einstein, Lovelace & Babbage, and Tomorrow).

“Artana is a perfect strategic acquisition for us,” said Genius Founder and CEO John Coveyou. “Like Genius Games, they specialize in telling stories about the real world – in Artana’s case exploring topics in history as well as science and technology. Our Science-focused games have proven a hit in both casual gaming as well as academic and educational settings, and Artana’s varied catalog expands and enhances this appeal. The two companies are a natural fit.”

Marcus Muller, Co-Founder and President of Artana, says that Genius will retain the Artana brand: “Over the last five years, Genius has established itself as the leading provider of STEM tabletop games. It is a focused brand that serves a specific and growing market. At the same time, while Artana offers a complimentary collection of science and technology games, we also are primarily known for games about history. By leveraging both brands for different strategic sales and marketing initiatives, we can offer compelling value propositions to a wide variety of gamers and educators.”

The main artist for Artana, Mr. Knemeyer, will continue on with Artana providing art and consulting as the creative director for both game lines.

“We both look forward to helping Genius grow and continue its success moving forward,” said Mr. Knemeyer.

The combined company debuted this past weekend at Gen Con, the longest-running and best-attended tabletop gaming convention in North America where they featured Periodic, a new game about the periodic table of elements.


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