Kids on Bikes Volume 2 Rolls in This Fall

Kids on Bikes, the tabletop roleplaying game by Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski, just won a Gold ENnie at Gen Con and to pile on the good news, Renegade Games will be releasing a new supplement for the game!

The base game, Kids on Bikes, is a collaborative storytelling roleplaying that is reminiscent of small town/big adventure stories such as The Goonies, Stanger Things, and E. T.Together everyday folk such as the neighborhood mailman, the high-school jock, and the inquisitive girl-scout, must finmd a way to save their town from powerful supernatural forces.

Kids On Bikes: Strange Adventures: Volume 2 will include 17 new towns and new adventures from writers like Rob Daviau, Clio Yun-su Davis, Sarah Doombringer, and Jonaya Kemper. The book will also include rules for bicycles, which makes sense seeing as the game is Kids on Bikes.

Kids On Bikes: Strange Adventures: Volume 2 will hit shelves this October, but you can guarantee yourself a copy by pre-ordering the book now on the Renegade website. Learn more and grab your preorder here.


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