Gen Con Round -Up

Gen Con is tremendous. It is the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America and there is so much to see and do every year that whatever time we can spend there never feels like enough. This year we checked out a bunch of exciting

We got a chance to take a look at a prototype of Antoine Bauza’s newest game in the Tokaido line, called Namiji. The premise is the players have taken a break from walking the Tokaido in Japan to go fishing.

Similar to Tokaido, you’ll be able to move along action spaces at your own pace with the player in last place taking the current turn. The game differs enough from Tokaido that it will be a great addition to the collection. I can’t wait to have a chance to play!

Another fun title coming from Bauza and friends is Arkeis,a story-driven, cooperative miniatures game. In the game players are archaeologists  and librarians searching ancient tombs for the secrets of Arkeis. The game comes with modular game boards, fantastic art, and a campaign book that will be augmented with stickers as you advance the story.

The minis for this game are super detailed and I love the semi-legacyish nature of the campaign. Arkeis  is totally a game to keep an eye out for when it hits Kickstarter in November.

Haba had a bunch of fun games to show us. Dragon’s Breath: The Hatching is an adorable drafting and set collection game that uses  rings to contain a pile of crystals that the players will draft from. Each turn 1 player is deemed “The Dragon Mom” and will try to take a ring off the stack while trying not to disturb the pile of gems. Whatever games do fall are available to be drafted by the other players to fulfill their goals.

Miyabi is a puzzley garden building game where players draft tiles and must place them in their garden to score points. Tiles can overlap so long as they are fully supported and you can only add features one column at a time, so building strategically is key.

Cloaked Cats is a logic deduction game akin to Guess Who. Each player will have 3 secret cats and will play cards that have different aspects such as items, features, or positions. If a card has one of your aspects you need to put down one of your markers and if someone guesses one of your cats you’ll need to reveal them. Once all of a players cats are revealed, the game ends. Cloaked Cats is fun and not too brain-burny.

Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon is an upcoming iello game by Bruno Cathala. In the game eveyone plays gardeners trying to cultivate the desert into the glorious Hanging Gardens of Babylon. By placing tiles you will be able to gather gems and activate actions. You can grow your gardens out, but be careful as a cleverly placed tree could block your progress.

Besides games, we had a ton of fun hanging out with people and goofing around. Our pal Daniel couldn’t make it to Gen Con, so we brought a cardboard cut-out of his head to take selfies with. Everyone seemed to enjoy hanging out with Disembodied Daniel.

Between games and gaffs we ate ourselves silly at a few restaurants recommended by our fans and friends. Thank you to @KylaMcT for telling me about the amazing tacos at Nada and @thebuckeyegamer for suggesting some delicious barbe-que at Dick’s Bodacious BBQ. If you attend Gen Con next year make sure to add these restaurants to your agenda for some awesome noms!

We got a bunch of games from the convention and will be slowly plowing through the list so check back for our upcoming reviews of Gen Con titles coming soon! Until then, let us know what you wanted to see from Gen Con or, if you attended, tell what you thought was awesome in the comments below!

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