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Armello Dragon Clan Out Now on Steam

I love Armello, the digital board game from League of Geeks. It is dark and strategic; placing you in the role of a hero trying to depose/save the King from his madness. Today, League of Geeks has released new DLC called the Dragon Clan, which adds new story, characters, quests, items, and more to explore.

The Dragon Clan is a new reptile-based faction that lead by four new heroes:

  • Volodar, “The Wormchanter,” a prophetic Komodo dragon capable of enthralling Banes.
  • Agniya, “The Revenant,” a venerable turtle who can self-heal after defeating opponents in battle,
  • Oxana, “The Sentinel,” an anti-mage iguana with the ability to destroy adversaries’ spell cards.
  • Nazar, “Worm’s Will,” an illusionist gecko who can project apparitions of himself across the battlefield.

The Dragon Clan Update also includes six signets (Sulfur, Basalt, Axinite, Cinnabar, Tremolite, Serpentine), the Ruin amulet, The Dragon Clan Novella, and a brand-new quest system.

“Players have been asking for reptilian heroes since Armello’s launch, so we put in the time to do them justice,” said Darcy Smith, League of Geeks’ community manager and project lead on Armello. “The Dragon Clan expands upon Armello’s lore in a big way and is bound to excite experienced and new players alike.”

The Dragon Clan Update is available now on Steam for $9.99 USD / £6.99 / €9.99 / $9.99 AUD. I tried out a couple of the characters and so far they play very differently. Volodar, the Bane commander, is going to take some getting used to as he starts with very few dice and I kept getting killed. 😥 The Dragon Clan Update will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One When Armello 2.0  is unleashed on consoles in 2020. To learn more head on over to Armello’s official site.

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