Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 10/11/19

Friday is here and thus we visit the land of Kickstarters; where designers dreams can become a reality. Which Kickstarters caught my eye this week? Let’s find out!


Cats? Quilting? Puzzles? INSTABACK!Calico is a game about luring cute cats in for cuddles by designing beautiful, comfy quilts for them to lounge on. Each player will be adding patch tiles to their personal quilt board to try to create combinations of colors and patterns that complete design goal tiles and/or appeal to Thimble, Mittens, and Queenie (the three cats in the game). Each cat will have specific patterns they like and a shape that the tiles should be placed in. If you manage to create the shape they want with one of the patterns they like, you can place that cat’s marker on your quilt for extra points.

I love puzzle games like this as they have a relaxing air about them. This is the kind of game I love to play snuggled up in a blanket while it snows outside. The game is wonderfully illustrated by the talented Beth Sobel and the Kickstarter edition comes with a special double-sided promo cat scoring tile and four additional cat tokens. Learn more about Calico here on Kickstarter.


Hierarchy is an abstract pocket game for 2 players. Each player is trying to play cards in such a way that their opponent cannot place another card. Each turn you must play a card on top of the previously played card. The cards all have a numerical value and a special power. The Kickstarter gives the example of the Knight which is a value 6 card, but, because of its power, can be played on top of the Dragon card which is a value 9. Players go back and forth until either they run out of cards or someone is unable to play.

I really like the simplicity of this game and the monochromatic art style is really appealing. Like all Buttonshy games, Hierarchy comes in a tiny package, but looks more strategic than you might think. Check out Hierarchy on Kickstarter here for more info.


In Halloween Party, the spookiest holiday of them all approaches and all the ghosts and ghouls have come out of the woodwork to compete against each other to find out who will be the next Dark Lord. By combining their dark powers, monster’s abilities, and spells players can battle it out to see who will take the title and rule over Halloween.

Perfect for the holiday, Halloween Party looks like a fun battler with a quirky/creepy theme. Take a look here on Kickstarter to learn more.

Cosmic Colonies by Floodgate Games

Cosmic Colonies is a simultaneous action selection/ worker-placement game about building a colony on a resource rich asteroid. By sending workers to gather the items needed, players can build structures on their player board. Where it gets interesting is that all of the buildings are represented by differently shaped tiles. You’ll need to arrange them on your board, fitting within the constraints. Another neat aspect is that at the end of the round workers are passed to the next player meaning that you’ll have new options for the coming round.


Cosmic Colonies looks like it feeds into my love of puzzley games while also offering a strategic game that keeps you invested in the other players actions. Rocket on over to the Kickstarter campaign here to discover more.

Seven Bridges

I like taking a leisurely stroll every now and again to see the sights and enjoy the fresh air. Seven Bridges capitalizes on that wanderlust by taking you on a journey around the historic city of Königsberg. Seven Bridges is a roll-and-write and as such, players will be rolling dice in order to mark off routes on their map. You earn points for visiting parts of the city and by crossing the bridges the game is named for.

I gotta say, i love a good roll-and-write as they are usually very portable and quick to teach. There’s also something very satisfying about marking off parts of your sheet. Seven Bridges has a lot of different ways to score which suggests it has a lot of replayability as you can change your strategies between games. Stroll on over to Seven Bridges on Kickstarter here to learn more.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and Check back next week for more fun projects!

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