Meeple Gives Away Fireball Island and a Boxless Expansion!

Meeple loves sitting in the box for Fireball Island’s expansion, The Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass, but after enjoying lounging in the box for so long, sadly it is falling apart. The nice people at Restoration Games sent us a couple copies for Meeple, but they were full of games! So we decided to give those games away to you, our fans.

Two lucky winners will receive a full copy of Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar (in it’s box) as well as a copy of The Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass (not in it’s box as Meeple is sitting in it).

US entries only please. We cannot afford to ship out of the country.

Meeple’s Fireball Island Giveaway

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