Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 11/1/19

Jess: It’s the day after Halloween (which is a sadness) but at least it’s Friday! Let’s see what Kickstarter has cooking this week!

Montana: Goldrush & Longhorns (Heritage Edition Expansions)

If you’ve listened to any of our podcasts of late, you will know that Rüdiger Dorn is one of Josh’s favorite designers. He designs a lot of games that work using only a few simple mechanics to create surprisingly thoughtful and strategic games. In Dorn’s Montana, a set collection/ worker placement game, players are placed in the shoes of 19th century settlers. By recruiting workers and sending them to gather resources and money, players can build up settlements and the first to complete all their settlements wins.

The heritage edition offers a localized version of the game and adds deluxe components plus Trade Posts, a bonus promo expansion. This is a fantastic way to get the entire set in all it’s upgraded glory. Learn more about Montana Heritage edition here on Kickstarter.

Galilean Moons – A Board Game of Galactic Mining

It’s 1895 and the moons of Jupiter are bristling with valuable crystals. In this alternate-history minig game, players are vying to collect crystals, research new technologies, and maintain control over sections of the moons. Each turn players will be able to play cards from their hands that match a sector to perform actions on that moon. Each sector has a different type of crystal and you score points for having sets of crystals as well as controlling sectors and the research cards you have earned.

I really like the art style for Galilean Moons.  It reminds me of old silent films from the 1920’s. The gameplay looks like nice take on area control crossed with set collection. If this sounds like your jam, take a look at Galilean Moons here on Kickstarter.

Foodie Frenzy: a card game for cats and food lovers

Foodie Frenzy is speedy game of dice rolling and Lolcat mayhem. Players must try to complete the food order by collecting dish cards on their platters, but their opponents can wield the power of Internet Cats to interfere! If someone rolls 2 or 3 of a kind, the first person to grab the Kikker gets a bonus card and protection against those famous felines. Whoever finishes their order first, wins.

I’m not sure how Lolcats factor into restaurant management, but they give Foodie Frenzy a quirky twist that, I admit, gave me a giggle. Serve yourself up this fast-paced game, by visiting the Foodie Frenzy Kickstarter here.

Not Your Ma’s Jong

When I see a game with a backstory like Not Your Ma’s Jong I just have to know more. The grandmothers of creators, Jenn and Adam, did not share a language, but they did share a love of Mahjong. To celebrate their favorite game and make it more accessible to new players, Jenn and Adam designed a card game called Not Your Ma’s Jong. Illustrated with the delightful adventures of their grannies, the game challenges players to create sets of cards inspired by the classic game of Mahjong.

The game looks simple and sweet and the card illustrations are cracking me up. While it doesn’t have the depth of a full game of Mahjong, it might teach some of the baser concepts. You can learn more by visiting the Not Your Ma’s Jong Kickstarter campaign here.

Our House

And for one last Halloween hurrah, Our House is a battle between the living and the dead over a little piece of real estate. In the game 1 player is the human team while the other takes on the ghost team. Both teams are looking to take control over locations in an old farm house and to do so they will play characters onto those locations and then roll for attacks.

Each character card has different bonuses and restrictions based on which cards they are in the room with, so clever combos can benefit you and devastate your opponent. I like that each character has a bit of lore at the bottom of the card; helping to tell the story of this cursed family and their ghostly counterparts. If you’re looking for one last little bit of spook for the year, check out Our House on Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and Check back next week for more fun projects!

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