Holiday Gift Guide: The Adventurer

Shopping for someone with an adventurous spirit; the kind of person who loves hiking through the wilderness or roleplaying fantastical heroes fighting against impossible odds? In the list below we’ve picked some of our recent favorites that are sure to excite any intrepid explorer!


Designed by Henry Audubon and published by Keymaster games, PARKS is an absolutely gorgeous game about hiking though the national parks of the United States. The components are exquisitely designed and the game is subtly educational. Each card for PARKS is a tiny work of art portraying a different national park and giving a little factoid about the location. As a set collection/worker placement game it is lightly strategic, lots of fun, and suitable for the whole family. You can check out our full review here for more info.

Roll for Adventure

Kosmos’ Roll for Adventure will definitely resonate with the roleplayers of the group…or maybe just the ‘roll’players. It’s a cooperative/set-collection game where players are powerful heroes looking to defend 4 realms from a terrible evil and its minions. Each realm has different requirements on how to seal it against the monsters. To fulfill those requirements you’ll need to roll dice and form sets, but you have a limited pool of dice and used dice are locked until a requirement is met. Roll for Adventure is challenging and can build a wonderful tension during those key rolls. Get a quick overview in our Game in a Minute on Roll for Adventure here.

KOSMOS Adventure Games

Know someone who loved old point-and-click video games? Monochrome Inc., one the of first releases in the Kosmos’ Adventure Game line, is perfect for them! In it, players will team up to infiltrate a shady corporation by exploring spaces, finding clues, and making tough decisions.  As a bonus, Monochrome Inc., includes a free app with voice-acted narration for the story and clues; creating a nice atmosphere for the game!

Escape the Dark Castle

We just covered this dark, moody dungeon crawler, but it’s rapidly become one of our absolute favorites.  Escape the Dark Castle is a completely cooperative game that boasts heavily stylized art and a streamlined set of mechanics that will have you desperately clawing your way out of the depths of the nightmare dungeons beneath the titular castle in no time.  Occasionally brutal and chaotic, Escape the Dark Castle is at its best when enjoyed as an atmospheric game – dim the lights, put on the Diablo III soundtrack, and be sure to read all that delightfully twisted flavor text.  Want to know more?  Check out our full review!


Perfectly pairing digital and analog, Detective is a cooperative investigatory game where players take on the roles of the titular investigators as they try to solve a series of crimes – and to find the threads which link them all together.  Detective encourages players to quite literally think outside the box – Portal Games has done a spectacular job of integrating an app into the game, and we’ve loved puzzling our way to answers amidst the ever-mounting piles of questions the game throws at you.  Detective isn’t swords and sorcery, but it’s definitely an adventure of a different sort, and thoroughly enjoyable throughout!

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