Holiday Gift Guide: The Cuteophile

Shopping for someone who thinks glitter is essential and baby animals are the epitome of awesomeness? Maybe they just love anthropomorphized burritos? Well you’re in luck! The games below are power-packed with cuteness to satisfy even the most discerning of cuteophiles!

Sparkle*Kitty and Sparkle*Kitty Knights

The original Sparkle Kitty is a party word game about princesses trapped in towers by the evil Sparkle Kitty. Not satisfied to wait to be rescued, this princesses take it on themselves to cast spells to get rid of the cards in their hands and unlock the doors to their towers. The first one to escape wins! Players will combine cards into humorous words that they will need to speak out loud in order to cast a spell. By adding modifier cards their spells can be more powerful, but also trickier to say right. You might end up saying something akin to “Mega Ultra Amazing Flutter Bunny!”. Its silly fun and perfect for younger players, but if you’re looking for something a tinsey bit more adult you can get Sparkle*Kitty Knights which features a few more rules and words that could be raunchy when mixed together, but not offensive by themselves. Both games feature awesome art and can be mixed together for a chaotic, spell-slinging race between princesses. You can see our full review of Sparkle*Kitty here for more info.


The art of Root is adorably cute yet beneath it’s cuddly, fuzzy surface lies a deeply strategic and satisfying asymmetrical, area-control game. In Root, the players represent leaders of different animal factions. Each faction plays differently, but Leder Games did an exceptional job in making learning the faction powers quick and easy. Coming up with a wining strategy will be a little more challenging. All of the factions are fighting for control over a large forest. The Cats start in control and work to build their empire, the Birds seek to wrest dominion over the forest by creating a bigger and more convoluted government with each turn, the Alliance is a building revolution just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, and the Vagabond is looking to turn a tidy profit by supplying all sides with items. This is a great game for anyone who loves delightful little animals, but enjoys the crunch of a heavier game. You can watch our full review of Root here.

Bargain Quest

Bargain Quest is all about selling awesome artifacts to aspiring adventurers. during the game, players will be drafting items and deciding which will be featured in their shop windows to draw in heroes with pockets full of cash. Each item has qualities which will appeal to different heroes, so knowing which ones you want to attract is key to the strategy. Once the heroes buy up the items, they will rush back out to hunt monsters and get more loot to then turn around and go shopping again. Its a vicious cycle of capitalism that doesn’t sound very cute, but the art really brings it home. The artist, Victoria Ying, manages to bring levity to the situation with her light, whimsical illustrations. The look of wonder and greed on the adventurers faces in the box art never ceases to make me giggle. Bargain Quest is a fantastic gift for anyone who has played fantasy roleplaying games before.

Throw Throw Burrito Game

Throw Throw Burrito is dodgeball except its a card game and the balls are burritos. It is unsurprisingly weird having come out of the mind of artist, Matthew Inman. Everyone starts with a hand of cards and will pass unwanted cards along as fast as they can trying to create sets of 3. Any set of 3 cards will earn you a point. Any player can play battle cards, which will start the throwing of the burritos. If you get hit with one, you take a “Burrito Bruise” and lose a point (don’t worry, squishy fake burritos are provided in the game so your house won’t be covered in delicious burrito bits). Where does the cute come in? LOOK AT THESE BURRITOS! Also all of the cards are silly animal rhymes like “Gopher Loafer” and “Barky Sharky”. Need I say more?


Kibble Scuffle

Ok back to cats. I can’t help myself. Kibble Scuffle is a wacky little area control game about hungry cats trying to eat the most food they can. The game comes in a tiny box which doubles as a kibble dispenser. At the beginning of each turn, you will shake out enough kibble from the box to fill each bowl then players will add cats from their hands to the bowls. When a bowl  Once five cats are at any food bowl, the cats begin to feast and you score the kibble pieces they consume. The cats all have different powers from taking extra food, to driving off other cats, and even bringing along their kittens. Kibble Scuffle is super light and great fun. You can watch our full review here.


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