Is It Madness? No, It’s Barkham Horror.

Sometimes an April Fool’s prank can have unintended consequences…amazingly awesome unintended consequences.

During this past April Fools, Fantasy Flight Games announced a game called Barkham Horror: The Card Game and it’s expansion, The Dogwich Legacy. Pitting doggo investigators against the insidious horrors of Bast and her worshippers, the Order of Dead Rodents on the Doorstep, the project was amusing, but never intended to be produced.

Of course, Fantasy Flight hadn’t prepared themselves for the fan frenzy that would erupt at the idea of a playable version of Barkham Horror. Today Fantasy Flight announced that they had indeed listened and are now releasing  Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep, a playable standalone adventure for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. The game is now available for pre-order through their website and at your local retailer.

According to Fantasy Flight:

Barkham Horror is an alternate universe in which the conflict between humanity and the eldritch forces of the Mythos takes a back seat, and the conflict between dogs and cats takes center stage. In The Meddling of Meowlathotep, a 78-card standalone scenario pack, the investigators must stop Meowlathotep, the Prowling Chaos, Meowsenger of the Outer Feline Gods, who is terrorizing the city of Barkham. Only a few precious pups can defeat the various Meowsks of Meowlathotep and prevent them from destroying Barkham and the world!

When this adventure kicks off, you are hot on the trail of a cat conspiracy. A catspiracy, if you will. Dogs all across town report seeing strange, unnatural cats prowling the streets of Barkham, and each day more and more pigeons are going missing. You’ve picked up the scent of something big, and once you sink your teeth into a story, you just can’t let go. A little wet fur has never stopped you from finding the truth. Perhaps if you investigate the areas of Arkham most plagued by these sightings, you can root out the cat‐monsters that dwell within.

I absolutely love this idea! I can’t wait to get my paws on Barkham Horror and discover what kinds of kitty catastrophes Fantasy Flight has in store for us!

Learn more about Barkham Horror and the pre-order here.


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