Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 12/6/19

It’s Friday and I’m at Pax Unplugged, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend some time talking about the exciting Kickstarter campaigns I came across this week! Let’s see what I found…

Ducks in Tow

Feeding Ducks at the park is a classic activity of the kind-hearted elderly and secret agents looking to blend in. In Ducks in Towyou’ll be feeding the little quackers some crackers and leading them to their favorite places in the park to take some Instagram worthy photos for points. By leading a duck to their choice spot you complete that location card and if you manage to complete a few cards you might be able to claim a Formation card that give extra points.

Not only is this game sweet as pie, but the Kickstarter edition includes the Angry Goose expansion which I am here for! I love the little duck minis that you collect as you play and the clear Formation cards are a brilliant way to keep track of sets. Ducks in Tow looks extremely clever in design and fun to play. Learn more about Duck wrangling here on Kickstarter.


5-Minute Mystery

Do you have 5 minutes? Then you can solve a mystery! In 5-Minute Mystery, a museum has been robbed and the players must catch the thief before they escape. The players will search rooms in a museum to discover symbols.  The game uses a physical codex that you input the symbols into to unlock a clue about the thief. These clues will help you narrow down who the thief is and once you are sure of their identity, you will flip over the thief tile to see if you were right.

5-Minute Mystery looks like a fantastic filler game with just enough bite to challenge players without being overly complex. Dig up some more information on 5-Minute Mystery on Kickstarter here.

Museum: Deluxe Edition

Kickstarter Image

Oh man, I have the first edition of Museum and I have to say, it is a fantastic set collection game. The game features the gorgeous art of Vincent Dutrait and tasks players with adding relics to their museum to create spectacular exhibits. Each relic has a value which can be used to buy other relics or be the cost to add it to your museum. You need to carefully curate your relics deciding which will become money to buy with and which will become permanent additions to your sets. At the end of the game your scores are based on the values of the collections and how they are arranged in your museum.

This new Deluxe edition adds a huge storage box to keep the game and all it’s expansions organized, an upgrade pack of corrected components, a new expansion, plus Kickstarter exclusives from the first run of the game. This campaign is an amazing way to get the game in it’s entirety. Discover more about Museum: Deluxe Edition here on Kickstarter.

Complicated Board Game the Card Game: Time 2 Play

 Complicated Board Game the Card Game: Time 2 Play is the stand-alone expansion for Complicated Board Game the Card Game and is a great filler game of shifting rules and hilarious takes on the board game world. Each turn you must play a card into the rock-paper-scissors style tableau and then you can play complication cards. These complication cards change the rules of the game; potentially making it easier, but more often harder.

 Complicated Board Game the Card Game: Time 2 Play is a mouthful, but it’s also a fantastic update to Complicated Board Game the Card Game. As a stand-alone can be played by itself, but works really well when integrated into the original game. As we stated in our Kickstarter preview, Time 2 Play seems to complete Complicated Board Game the Card Game and makes it the game it was always meant to be.

Goblin Teeth

Goblin’s love shineys and are willing to cheat and steal to get them. In Goblin Teeth the players will bid for treasures with their dice and use cheat cards to manipulate the situation to their advantage. Once everyone places their dice on treasures, the players who bid the most on them get to claim them. If you  manage to complete an offering to the Big Boss goblin you win the game.

Goblin Teeth looks light, fun, and just a touch devious. You can learn more about Goblin Yeeth here on Kickstarter.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and Check back next week for more fun projects!

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