Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 1/3/20

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s kick it off right with some fun games that are Kickstarting right now!

Deep Space D-6: Armada – Worker Placement Co-op Board Game

Deep Space D6 is one of Andrew’s favorite solo games. Armada is a new stand-alone sequel that allows for up to 4 players to work together to defeat the evil federation. Players will choose their starships and crew and then, working together, try to complete missions and fight enemies. The main mechanic of Deep Space D-6: Armada is dice rolling. Your dice are your crew and each turn you will roll them and then assign crew members to different stations on the ship to perform actions.

deep space d6 armada

I love that through the game you’ll be able to upgrade your ship and crew and there are over 50 station modules and more than 30 unique units to choose from. I can imagine it will be really fun making your own custom ships and the adventures you send them on will make for some great stories. You can learn more about Deep Space D-6: Armada here on Kickstarter.

Betwixt and Between

In Betwixt & Between players are mystics exploring a magical land in order to build their power. Each turn you will draft a hand of 4 cards. There will be 4 cards leftover which will be placed together to form the victory conditions for the round. Then players will begin placing cards on the game board, moving their mystics, and absorbing magic from cards their mystic is adjacent to. Once that is done, players can use the magic they have acquired to cast spells or save it for the end of the turn where you can offer up the magic required by the victory conditions to gain points.

The fact that you build the board as you play and that your magic double as a resource for casting spells or gaining victory points is pretty cool. I’d love to see this game in action. To learn more about Betwixt and Between, check out the campaign here on Kickstarter.

Solid Brass Rainbow Serpentine Dice by Polyhydra

Looking for some awesome and unique dice for your next tabletop roleplaying game? Then check out Polyhydra’s Serpentine dice. I have a few sets of metal dice and I really like the heft they have. Also the color on these is out of this world. They have a few other designs that might be available depending on if they meet their stretch goals, but i’m already in love with their basic set. Visit the Solid Brass Rainbow Serpentine Dice campaign here on kickstarter to take a look.

Custom Wooden Card Game Boxes – Make 100

Sticking with upgrading my gaming experience I came across these custom card boxes and boy howdy are they pretty. As part of Kickstarter’s Make 100 (limited edition design projects) District 31 is making 100 of these handmade boxes that are perfect for storing small card games. According to the company, the boxes will store exactly 400 unsleeved cards or around  350 sleeved cards. I’m half tempted to treat my Buttonshy collection to a deluxe storage solution with one of these designs. You can get your own on the Kickstarter campaign here.

Make/100 Voyage Home: An Odyssey

Here’s another interesting Make 100 project: Based in Greek mythology, in Voyage home players not only take on the role of heroes sailing the seas in search of adventure before returning home, but also the Gods that bless or curse their voyage. The goal of the game is to collect 6 quests and manage to sail back to Ithaca in one piece. As you play you can choose to draw cards from the Gods deck with which you can give yourself bonuses such as gaining gold or mess with your opponents is ways like preventing them from taking on new crew members.

The game looks like an interesting mix of take-that and racing mechanics and I really like how you play a dual role of hero/god. You can learn more about Voyage Home: An Odyssey on Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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