Mariposas from Elizabeth Hargrave Coming this Summer

Alderac Entertainment Group will be releasing Elizabeth Hargrave’s newest title this summer.



Nature enthusiast and award winning game designer Elizabeth Hargrave is back in action. Her newest title, Mariposas, is a 2-4 player set collection game focused on the migration of the Monarch butterfly. Starting out with a single monarch, players will see their butterfly family grow over 4 generations as they visit locations around the eastern United States, encountering flowers and meeting new insects as the seasons pass. The game is made up of 3 scoring rounds where players will be awarded points at the end of each round for variable goals.




Elizabeth is a fantastic designer and from what little I have seen of the game, Mariposas looks like it could be another winner. The wooden butterfly meeples are delightful and I adore the theme. I can’t wait to have a chance to try it out.

AEG hasn’t announced a specific release date, but their blog states that the game will come out this summer just in time to spot some real monarchs fluttering about. You can check out Alderac Entertainment here to stay up to date.

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