Available Today: The Fox in the Forest Duet

According to Renegade Games, Foxtrot Games’s 2-player cooperative trick-taking game, The Fox in the Forest Duet, releases today to retailers everywhere.

In the game you will try to collect gems and move along the forest path. I have no idea what foxes are doing with gems, but you’re going to need them to win. To move, you need to play tricks and, after determining the winner, add together the values of the cards played in the trick. The winner will then move the tracker on the path towards them. During the game you can use special abilities to exchange cards, change the direction of the tracker, follow with any card, and more, but you must never reveal exactly what is in your hand.

The Fox in the Forest Duet sounds like a delicate balance that could be an exciting challenge to any duo. Pick up a copy today at your local FLGS for $15.00 or online by visiting Renegade Game Studios here.



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