Modiphius Entertainment Releases Kung Fu Panda Board Game

Available now exclusively on, the Kung Fu Panda board game is a family-friendly, cooperative, dice-rolling game. Players take on the roles of the Furious Five and Dragon Warrior Po as they work together to defeat villians from the Kung Fu Panda movies.
Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game
Each hero is unique; having their own special power and stats. For example Po can heal wounds if he rolls a Chi symbol while Tigress can count Chi results as punches. The game is times and players must roll dice as fast as they can trying to get the combos they need to move, attack, complete objectives, but beware, the dice also have a Claws symbol which, when rolled, will trigger the Dial of Destiny which summons more enemies to fight. For younger or first-time players there is a mode that does not use the timer and makes it easier to learn the game.


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