Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 1/24/20

It’s Friday! You know what time it is: Kickstarter time!

Micro City – Pocket Sized Citybuilding Game

Micro City is a compact city-building game for solo players. The goal of the game varies by what game-mode you choose and you can ramp the difficulty up or down as you like. You have a limited amount of rounds and can only play one card each round, so you need to make every decision count. The cards you play will either act as a resource to pay for building or as an action. At the beginning of your turn you will roll two dice and if you play a card whose action matches one of the die results, you can use that die to take an advanced action.

Micro City Kickstarter

Micro City looks like a fun, puzzely hand-management game. It’s got a bright, colorful design that looks pretty easy to understand and I like that it doesn’t need a ton of space; making it nice for travel. Learn more about
Micro City here on Kickstarter.

Jurassic Parts

I love a good dinosaur themed game and Jurassic Parts looks like one I might need to add to my collection. As a area-control/set-collection game, players take on the roles of archaeologists searching for fossils. The board is composed of hex tiles and players will take turns marking off edges of tiles with their chisels until a section has been separated from the rest of the board. The players who contributed to the section will earn tiles based on how many chisels they contributed. Then you must assemble dinosaurs from your tiles; gaining more points for bigger dinosaurs.

Jurassic Parts looks like a speedy, easy-to-learn game that can be fun for the whole family. The game’s art has a nice balance of characters and I love how happy they all are to be digging in the dirt for fossils. Check out Jurassic Parts on Kickstarter here.

Tortuga 2199

Pirates in spaaaaaaaaace! Yes, Tortuga 2199 is a pirate-themed space adventure game full of deck building, exploration, and area control.  As space ship captains, players are looking to become the most notorious pirates in the galaxy by having the pirate clans unite under their banner. You’ll be working towards building up your crew, upgrading your ship, fighting aliens and other players, and conquering planets. The first player to earn 15 victory points from those various activities, wins.

I like that the game is not just your typical deck-builder; only being played with a deck of cards. Instead we have what looks like a deeply strategic game with asymmetrical tactics and a beautiful design. When you combine the various ships with their differing powers and the multitude of map tiles, it looks like there’s a lot of variety in Tortuga 2199. You explore the game more by heading over to the Tortuga 2199 Kickstarter here.

Pineapple: A Visceral Truth or Lie Game

Pineapple is a party game where you must discern which of your friends is lying. Each turn 1 player will act at the guesser and the rest of the players will be dealt 1 card that will either have a real pineapple on it or a picture of an apple with a pine branch stuck in it. The guesser will ask a question and the pineapples must answer truthfully while the apples must lie. If the guesser can correctly identify the liars they win the round.

The game is simple enough that you could make it yourself, but creator, Jonathan Ritter-Roderick, has collected up some fantastic people from the tabletop industry to write up compelling prompts for those who want something tangible to play with. The physical game has a fun, pop art style design and comes in a resealable bag.
The game looks super light and easy to play with any group. You can check out Pineapple on Kickstarter here to learn more.

Masters of the Night: solo and cooperative vampire boardgame

If you like vampires make sure to check out Masters of the Night. It’s a cooperative game where the players are members of a vampire clan trying to build up their empire. You’ll doo what vampires like to do; use minions, fight agents of the Inquisition, hunt humans, and consolidate power. The game is played in a series of day and night phases. During the Day you will draw and resolve an event card while during the Night phase you will have 2 action points to spend on various vampy activities.

Masters of the Night gives me nostalgic feeling for the old Vampire the Masquerade roleplaying game. I like that the game can be played solo and there’s a lot of variety with the modular board and combos of clan members. Sink your teeth into Masters of the Night by visiting the Kickstarter campaign here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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