Pax East Schedule Goes Live

Pax East is coming up next month and we’ve been excited to see how each year more and more board game related content is being featured at the show.

This year fans can get excited for fun panels like Cardboard on Consoles: Board Games Go Digital where Scott Martins [Dire Wolf Digital], Justin Ziran [WizKids], Scott Gaeta [Renegade Game Studios], Patrick Leder [Leder Games] talk about how board games are being translated to digital formats and Tabletop: Where Do We Go From Here? where Anyayna [Kickstarter] and Jon Ritter [Lay Waste Games] chat about the future of the industry.

There are also a ton of tabletop tourneys for players looking to test their skills for fun prizes. To learn more about the awesome activities going on at Pax East check out the schedule at Pax East takes place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) in Boston, MA Feb 27 – Mar 1, 2020.


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