3 Free Asmodee Games Available on Epic Games Store for a Limited Time

Asmodee Digital has announced that they will be offering 3 of their popular digital board game adaptations for free on the Epic Games Store from February 6th to 13th. You’ll be able to get Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne: The Official Board Game, and Pandemic: The Board Game for free until February 20, then they will be on sale on the Epic Games Store,$9.99/9,99 € for each title.

“We leverage our board game DNA, combined with our specific digital expertise to immerse players into amazing stories. Combining the two most thriving categories of entertainment, board and video games, our titles are intellectually rewarding, driven by player choices and set in awe-inspiring universes. Because we love to play, craft and publish these kinds of games, we aim to get more and more people onboard with our passion. That’s why we’re so excited by our partnership with the Epic Games Store as it enables us to introduce new audiences to the genres we love. For the launch we have selected major iconic digital board game adaptations, offering a premium experience for free. They are appealing for a broad audience thus acting as the ideal gateways towards more complex mechanics,” said Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital.

All three games are fantastic and this is a great way to try them out. make sure to visit EpicGames.com to grab your copies while you can!

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