Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 1/31/20

Hello Friday. I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s wander the lands of Kickstarter in search of fun and adventure.

The Rival Networks

The Rival Networks Kickstarter banner

Gil Hova’s The Networks is a clever, satirical set-collection game about television networks batting over airtime. The Rival Networks is a standalone 2-player version of the Networks that simplifies that gameplay while maintaining the spirit of the game. In The Rival Networks, players will have 3 seasons (rounds) to gain as many viewers as they can by drafting shows, stars, and ads. Shows will be assigned to time slots, gaining you viewers, and then stars and ads can be attached to shows to augment the viewers and money you will gain when the shows score.

I love the original Networks game and since I often end up playing games with Andrew, having a two player-specific version will rock! As an added bonus, we’ve backed the campaign at the point where we can add a Star, so hopefully
Meeple will be making an appearance. Tune in toThe Rival Networks here on Kickstarter

Here to Slay

Here to Slay Kickstarter banner
Here to Slay is a dungeon delve where you’ll need to gather your party, defeat monsters, and sabotage your friends to win. The first person who takes out three monsters or builds a full party wins the game. Each player starts with a party leader each of which has a class and skill that will help you in the game such as the Bard with their Charismatic Song that adds +1 to dice rolls for heroes. There are over 40 unique heroes in the game and to get a party win you must recruit six different classes of hero. Your party of heroes to fight monsters can help fight monsters with their abilities. Make them even stronger by adding item cards or mess with your opponents heroes by playing magic spells on them.

Here to Slay looks fast, silly, and fun. It features the iconic art of the Tee Turtle brand making it cutely twisted. Learn more about Here to Slay on Kickstarter here.

Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game

Combining science and games is John Coveyou’s jam and he is really great at it! Genotype is is a worker/dice placement game all about Gregor Mendel’s experiments with pea plants. As researchers, the players will be breeding pea plants with different traits to complete Pea Plant Cards score points. You have 5 rounds to gain as many points as you can.

I played Genotype at Gen Con last year and it was a ton of fun. While the dice add a bit of randomness to the game, there was plenty of strategy to sink your teeth into. I like that this game is perfect for fans of medium-weight games as well as a great tool for the classroom. Learn more about Genotype on Kickstarter here.

It’s a Wonderful World Ascension

It’s a Wonderful World Ascension is an expansion for Frédéric Guérard’s card-drafting, civilization-building game It’s a Wonderful World. The expansion adds a new empire and 4 new types of cards: Super Production, which gives you a ton of resources each round. Corruption, which can negate resource gains. Master Projects, which are hard to build but give you tons of points. Pair-Scoring, which add new ways to score points. The campaign also offers the Heritage box which fits the original game plus expansion.

If you are a fan of It’s a Wonderful World then definitely check out this campaign. The expansion promises to add a lot more variety and challenge to the game. Visit the It’s a Wonderful World Ascension campaign here on Kickstarter.


D.E.I. – Divide et Impera

D.E.I. (Divide et Impera) is a post-apocalyptic, miniatures-driven, worker placement game. In the wasteland that used to be London, the players are competing to gather supplies to appease the Pure Ones, a technologically advanced dictatorship. Each player controls a team of survivors that can be sent out to explore the city, find resources, and fight opponents. The board is modular and has two different elevation levels (the ground and rooftops), giving the game some variety.

I love a good exploration game and the frostpunk genre is pretty cool, so I have hopes that D.E.I. You can check it out here on Kickstarter.

Quick note: Zine Quest 2 begins this Sunday! Creators on Kickstarter are being challenged to create Zine projects that contain “RPG or feature RPG-related content, like maps, adventures, monsters, comics, articles, and/or interviews”. make sure to keep an eye out for exciting zines over the next two weeks!

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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