Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 2/10/20

It’s a little late, but here’s my list of fun games on Kickstarter to check out.

PARKS Expansion: Nightfall + PARKS Memories

Parks Nightfall and Memories Kickstarter
PARKS is one of the most stunningly beautiful games I have played in recent times (You can see our full review here).The game is about hiking through the National Parks collecting memories of your travels. Keymaster Games is now running a Kickstarter for a couple of expansions. The first is Nightfall, where you will get new Parks to explore, new rewards, new art, nocturnal animals, and the ability to go camping, which gives you a once per season action. Memories are three different sets of matching games that highlight the art of Parks.

Parks Nightfall Game Components

We backed these expansions as soon as the Kickstarter hit, because the game is worth it. Between the high-quality production, fun gameplay, and gorgeous art I cannot recommend Parks enough. You can get the base game and/or the expansions here on Kickstarter.

Tinderblox & Kittin


kittin and tinderblox on KickstarterWe recently covered Kittin and Tinder Blox. The two are light, mint-tin dexterity games with different approaches. Kittin is all about speed-stacking cat meeples of differing shapes. each turn a card will be flipped depicting a set of meeples stacked in a particular shape and you must replicate it. Kittin is lightning quick to explain and play.

Kittin components

Tinder Blox, on the other hand, is more about balance. On your turn you will draw a card that depicts a group of items that must be placed on the stack. The trick is you must use a set of tweezers to place all of the items at once. This lead to me trying not to breath as I picked up a log covered in fire blocks and tried to ease it onto the bonefire (I failed each and every time). Tinder Blox is just as easy to learn as Kittin, but has a bit more challenging in my opinion.

tinderblox components

Both games are tiny and portable. Perfect for the whole family, I recommend checking out Kittin and Tinder Blox on Kickstarter here.

Danger Park


When I was a kid, I loved going to Action Park despite all of the rumors about the injuries and deaths caused by the rides. As it turned out those some rumors turned out to be true and I guess I should be thankful I survived Action Park with only good memories. Danger Park takes this theme and runs with it. It is a game about building a theme park, making oodles of cash, and brushing off the fact that all of your rides are deathtraps.

Danger Park components
Players will build the theme park together and use their abilities to try to guide patrons to their rides while sabotaging other players rides. Once you have your patrons, you’ll roll the dice to see which patrons stay and what you get paid. You can take out insurance policies to gain bonuses in case your rides close down. Every time a ride closes down or a patron dies it is called an incident a d after 9 incidents the game ends and everyone tallies up their points. Danger Park looks like a tongue-in-cheek, ghoulishly fun time. You can learn more about it here on Kickstarter.

Island Siege Anniversary Edition

Andrew is a big fan of the original Island Siege, which released in 2014. It’s a two-player card game about the colonization in the West Indies. During the game, players will build forts and have their colonists make ships, which you can use to attack opponents, and buildings which give you special abilities. If you manage to gain 20 gold from constructing buildings and ships or get all of your colonists placed, you win.

The new Anniversary edition of Island Siege includes engraved dice, Kickstarter-exclusive metal Campaign Coins, expanded rules and components so you can play with 4 players, two-layer player boards, a fancy gold-foiled box, and two expansions that were only available in the original Kickstarter edition. The Anniversary edition looks really beautiful and I like that it still looks pretty compact. Learn more about Island Siege Anniversary Edition on Kickstarter here.

Kanban EV


Here we have another great game getting the deluxe treatment. Kanban is a resource management game about building cars in a factory. This edition of the game focuses on Electric Vehicles and the players will work to manage their workers and supplies while trying to also improve their designs in order to impress the factory manager.

Kanban EV Components

The EV edition will include all-new art by Ian O’Toole, new cars, a solo-play rule set plus a new expansion, some streamlined rules, and upgraded components including dual-layered boards. Eagle Games has published a couple of these huge, gorgeous games and I have been impressed with the production every time. If you love the game or have never played but want to, this is a great way to pick up a copy. Learn more about Kanban EV on Kickstarter here.

Bonus: Make sure to check out Joseph DeSimone’s Not Pretty But Wonderful: Designers In Conversation. The project will be a compilation of interviews with game designers in the industry while they are a bit tipsy. Geared towards a humorous take on game disgn, the project looks like it should be a fun read. Check it out here.

 What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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