Modiphius Announces Free Shipping and Discounted PDFs

Modiphius Entertainment, is looking to help entertain the masses during this time of crisis by offering free shipping on orders of £150 (around $172.24) and discounts on PDFs.

Europe, UK, United States and Canada buyers can use use the code GAMESUNITED to get free shipping on orders of £150 or more while those in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia can use the code AUNZZA.

To get 40% off PDFs when you spend £50 use the code PDFME (this offer only applies to PDF purchases).

The sale will be going on through the rest of March, but Modiphius might extend the sale depending on how things go. If you are looking to dip your toes in before buying up a collection of game books, make sure to check out their free Quickstart guides and if you are stuck home alone, you can pick up a few some solo games like Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, Rangers of Shadow Deep,  and Airfix Battles Introductory Wargame.

Check out the sale on the Modiphius store at

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