The Op Announces 2nd Expansion to Hogwarts Battle and Card Sleeves

The Op has announced an exciting new expansion and card sleeves for their popular deck-building game based in the Harry Potter universe, Hogwarts™ Battle!

The Charms and Potions Expansion adds all new villains such as Pansy Parkinson and Marcus Flint, the ability to play with a fifth player, Ginny as a new playable character, as well as more spells, allies, and items.

The card sleeves will help protect your cards and come in 160 sleeve packs, so you’ll need 2 sets to contain all Hogwarts Cards from the core game and both expansions, but when protecting your game from He Who Shall Not Be Named and spilled drinks, it might be worth investing in them.

You can learn more about the entire Hogwarts Battle collection at

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