Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 3/20/20

The world is a scary place right now and board games are a great way to stay entertained while stuck at home. To help grow your collection, I’ve collected up five fun titles to check out on Kickstarter this week.

Trekking the World: A Globetrotting Board Game 

trekking the world kickstarter banner

We are big fans of the original Trekking: The National Parks board game, so I was thrilled to see that Underdog Games is coming out with a new version called Trekking the World! In the game you will be building routes to travel the world; visiting important landmarks and collecting souvenirs. As you explore you will collect points for sets of souvenirs and the destinations you visit. 

Trekking the World board

One of the really nice things about the Trekking series is that the game components include real information on the locations you visit. You can use the game in classrooms or play it with anyone who enjoys travelling or learning about different places around the world. The artwork is absolutely stunning and I love the color palette for the components. As part of the Kickstarter, backers will get an exclusive “All Who Wander Journey Card Pack” which adds a little more strategy to the game. Learn more about Trekking the World on Kickstarter here.

Lawyer Up

Lawyer Up Kickstarter banner

I am a huuuuuuuge Phoenix Wright fan so any game that lets me yell out “OBJECTION!” legitimately, has my attention. Lawyer Up is a two player asymmetrical game with one player acting as the defense while the other takes on the role of the prosecution. During the game players will draft or bury evidence cards; building their own decks that will help give them the advantage during the trial. Then they will call witnesses and use their cards to argue (match up symbols) and gain influence over the jury. At the end of the trail, whoever has won over the jury wins the game.

Lawyer up components

This is a really cool take on a head to head drafting game and we’ll have a full preview of it out soon. The Kickstarter comes with 2 cases and 2 optional expansions which feature the Salem Witch trials and 1920’s mobsters; both of which look really cool.  You can check out the Lawyer Up Kickstarter campaign here for more info.


Cleocatra – Saving Cats in the Pyramids

Ta-Te Wu is back with another adorable cat-themed game. Cleocatra is a pattern building/ tile placement game about rescuing cats in ancient Egypt. The great Cleopatra has tasked you protect cats and will send royal cat inspectors to check on your work and reward your efforts.Each turn you will be drawing tiles from the pyramid and placing them in the tableau or moving a tile in the tableau that is not occupied by a rescuer. Then you can place a rescuer on the tile you affected, claiming that tile, or on a tile next to one you already own. You gain points for every
unique cat rescued plus 1 point per rescuer on the scoring tiles. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game earns Cleopatra’s regard and wins the game.

Cleocatra looks adorable, easy to learn, and quick to play. I like that there are special cat tiles that will either earn you extra points or manipulate the tiles; giving the game a little more strategy while keeping it simple enough for the whole family to enjoy. Get your paws on the game by heading to the Cleocatra Kickstarter campaign here.

Holi: Festival of Colors

Holi: Festival of Colors Kickstarter banner

Julio E. Nazario’s Holi: Festival of Colors is a game that celebrates India’s spring festival Holi. In the game, you’ll be throwing colored powder to spread joy. Holi is played on a 3 tiered tower and players can move around the bottom board as they please. To move up in the tower, your pawn must be surrounded by 4 color tokens. you can throw colors by playing cards and if you toss a color from higher up in the tower you’ll gain additional effects. You’ll gain points if your colors land on sweet spaces or other players.

I love the light, joyous theme of the game and the multi-level tower is really cool. I was also happy to see that Floodgate games had 4 cultural consultants working on the game. Its sad to say that it is not always the case for some companies, but it is something I like to check whenever considering a game that addresses cultural aspects. You can learn more about Holi: Festival of Colors here on Kickstarter.


Upkeep is a puzzley game about keeping your lawn free of leaves in Autumn. Each round you’ll draw a weather card which will determine the conditions you’ll be working in. Then you’ll roll the dice and distribute leaves equal to the roll to the player yards and start cleaning up; adding leaves to your recycle bins. When your bins are full you can redeem them for sunshine points which can be spent on upgrading your tools and hiring professionals to help you. If the weather deck runs out or you empty your yard of leaves the game ends and everyone scores points for how well you’ve done.

Upkeep looks like a light, fun game that is perfect for family night. It could be a way to get kids excited about the idea of chores teaching them a little about recycling. You can learn more about Upkeep here on Kickstarter.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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