Tabletop Tycoon Runs Stay-at-Home Sale

To support fans who are staying home and playing games, Tabletop Tycoon is running a Stay-at-Home Sale on select games in their Amazon store.

You can pick up items like the Everdell: Wooden Ever Tree, Everdell: Pearlbrook (Collector’s Edition), High Treason 2nd Edition, Dawn of The Zeds 3rd Edition, and more on sale for a limited time.

The company is also expanding their efforts towards charity during this crisis. Over the past few years Tabletop Tycoon has raised money to give over 40,000 to Toys for Tots and now the company will contribute an additional game to Toys for Tots for every game you buy through online stores. Help some kids and get some fun games now by heading over to the Tabletop Tycoon stone on Amazon here.


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