Free League Launches Kickstarter for Tales From the Loop – The Board Game

Free League Publishing is kicking butt lately with the launch of a Tales From the Loop tv series on Amazon Prime Video. Now they have just lunched a Kickstarter for a Tales From the Loop board game!

tales from the loop board layout

Based on, artist and author, Simon Stålenhag’s universe, the board game take place in an alternate reality Scandinavia, where reality and science fiction merge. As teenagers of a town where a mysterious underground facility is causing anomalies, you’ll be trying to uncover the truth without getting grounded by your parents.


tales from the loop minis

Tales From the Loop the board game is designed by Martin Takaichi and will have robot miniatures designed by Paolo Parente’s Dust Studio. Players who are interesting in getting a more in-depth look at the game can download a free Print ‘n Play kit from the Kickstarter. The Print ‘n Play kit includes four characters and one scenario to play.

You can find the Kickstarter here.


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