Helvetiq Bandido Covid19 – free print and play

Bandido is a path building game by Martin Nedergaard Andersen, where you are trying to block off the tunnels that a prisoner is digging in order to escape. The Helvetiq team have decided to release a free print-and-play adaptation to help entertain everyone while we are stuck at home during this crisis.

Helvetiq says:

We created this version of for two reasons:
Firstly, we want to continue giving you games and creating playful moments for you and your loved ones.
Secondly, we want to teach the younger ones – and remind the grown-ups – that by working together and adopting the right behavior, we can succeed and get rid of the unwanted virus!!

The Covid19 version of Bandido plays the same as the original game, but instead of stopping a bandit, you must stop the virus. The print & play of the game is available on the Helvetiq website in English, French and German at helvetiq.com/bandido-special-covid-19-edition. It will also be availiable in Czech, Korean, Hungarian and Polish soon. You can also buy the original game here: helvetiq.com/bandido

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