Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 4/10/20

It’s another fantastic Friday. Let’s see what Kickstarter has in store for us.

For Science!


For Science is a real-time collaborative dexterity game about trying to craft a miracle cure in a lab. As a team of scientists, the players must combine cards to design a cure and then stack blocks according to their design. When you manage to do it, you’ll earn knowledge that can be used on master cure tiles. You’ll then need to arrange those tiles to gain insight points which will move your maker further along the victory track. If you manage to hit your goal before time runs out, you win!

For Science looks like a stressful, yet fun time that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as your co-scientists try to balance that last piece of the cure. You can learn more about the game here on Kickstarter.

Excavation Earth

Excavation Earth is a game of market manipulation based on the idea that humanity has gone extinct on Earth and aliens have shown up to collect “Artifacts” (our junk) to sell to collectors around the universe. In the game you’ll be travelling across the planet, excavating artifacts or buying them from the black market, and then manipulate the market by bringing in new buyers so you can sell your collection once the price is right.

Market manipulation games are not usually my cup of tea, but I like the story the game tells, the presentation is beautiful, and the gameplay looks streamlined to the point where my usual concerns, that a game might become too brain-burny, are alleviated. Check out Excavation Earth on Kickstarter here for more info.

Tales From the Loop – The Board Game

Based on Free League Publishing’s popular tabletop roleplaying game, Tales From the Loop – The Boardgame is a cooperative adventure game where teenagers investigate the mysteries in their small town that arise from a secret science facility known as the Loop. Each day, after school, the players will have a small amount of time, before they have to go home for diner, to explore one of the 4 scenarios that come in the base game. 

The game looks like it evokes that Stranger Things/Dark feel with it’s sci-fi vibes and kid-based world perspective. You’ve got mechs walking around, but you still have to mind your chores. Its surreal and I am so intrigued. You can investigate the Tales From the Loop – The Boardgame here on Kickstarter to uncover more info.

Storm the Gate: Woodland Warfare

I love a good dexterity game as they are usually easy to teach and tough to master, but anyone can play so they are always a delight to add to any gameday. Storm the Gate: Woodland Warfare looks like it fits right in to that description. The game is simple: Get your tokens to the other side of the board.

Tokens represent types of heroes and come in different sizes and weights. You will use the bungee cord on your side of the board to fling the tokens either over the wall or through the gate to get them to the opponents side of the board. Once a player has cleared their side of the board, they win the round and whoever wins 2 rounds wins the game. Storm the Gate: Woodland Warfare looks like a blast and comes in a hand-crafted wooden box. You can grab your copy on Kickstarter here.

All the Goodest Puppers

All the Goodest Puppers is a card-drafting/set-collection game about collecting cute puppers! Each round you’ll be adding an adorable dog to your yard and taking its action then drafting a new doggo from the display. When you collect multiple dogs of the same breed their abilities power up; making them super awesome puppers. Your dogs will bury bones in your yard earning you points and some pups effects can upgrade bones; making them worth more points. Collect dogs, bury bones, and discover which of your friends is a puppy power player.

Do I even need to explain how much we all need this game? It’s so cute I died and I am now reporting from the grave on how magical this game looks. This is the game we need and deserve right now. Go get yourself a copy of All the Goodest Puppers here on Kickstarter.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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