The Power Ranger Allies Pack #1 Now available for Pre-Order

Renegade games has announced the expansion for their popular Power Rangers Hero’s of the Grid  game,
Ranger Allies Pack #1, can now be pre-ordered.

This expansion gives you various allies including Ninjor, Phantom Ranger, Shadow Ranger, Magna Defender, and Zeo Gold Ranger!

Each ally has their own play style and abilities. For example the Zeo Ranger Gold has two forms (Trey of Triforia and Jason Lee Scott), Ninjor has his Ninjato Blade attack and can react to non-passive attacks, Shadow Ranger has crowd control, the Phantom Ranger’s blaster can ignore Guard, and the Magna Defender can sacrifice cards to add cards to their teammates hands.

You can pre-order the Ranger Allies Pack #1 here:


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