Coming This Fall RISK®: Warhammer 40,000®

The Op has announced their latest game to come from their partnership with Games Workshop: RISK®:
Warhammer 40,000®

Set in the dark science-fantasy of Warhammer 40K, five factions (Ultramarines, Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Aeldari Craftworlds, and Genestealer Cults) will wage war over the territory between the two halves of the Imperium.

Each faction will be represented by Leader tokens and custom game pieces for their single and triple-threat units. The Op gave the example of Marneus Calgar as the leader of the Ultramarines with individual Primaris Intercessors and Repulsor battle tanks as their three-unit pieces. The Aeldari Craftworlds faction, led by an Autarch, has Guardians at attention with Falcons as their tanks. A Magus’s Genestealer Cult boasts weapon-wielding Acolytes and heavily armored Goliath Rockgrinders.

Players will be able to complete objectives to gain bonuses like additional units and strategic advantages. If you manage to complete 3 objectives and control all territories you will win the “Total Domination” achievement!

Releasing this fall, RISK®: Warhammer 40,000® is for 2-5 players, ages 10 and up. You can pre-order it for $49.99
from your favorite local game store. Learn more at

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