Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/1/20

It’s another beautiful Friday and we’ve got some hot Kickstarters to check out! Let’s dive right on in!

Tapiru: A Bubble Tea Game

Tapioca can be a divisive drink addition…

They look like eyeballs!

…but I am a fan of the little chewy bits and apparently last year most of Japan was too. Inspired by the country’s obsession with tapioca Elaine Shimokawa designed Tapiru; a whole card game around the food fad. In the game you will be facing off against an opponent to craft the best drinks (with or without tapioca). Each turn you will place one card in one of your three drink stacks. Most of the time you will be trying to have the most tapioca pearls in your drinks, but you can also flip a preference token on a drink to have the cup with the least pearls win. You can gain bonus points for branding cards if each card in your stack matches. If your drink wins against your opponent’s you will earn a letter card. If you have 4 letter cards that spell out Tapioca, you win.

I love the aesthetic of Tapiru, from the small box design to the sleek art, and I am intrigued by the light, quick gameplay. This looks like a great two player game and a wonderful gift for tapioca lovers like me. Head on over to the Tapiru Kickstarter to find out more.


Dodos Riding Dinos

Dodos Riding Dinos is a dexterity racing game full of chaotic goofiness. Each round players will secretly pick a card from their hand to play simultaneously and then must move their dodo accordingly and take the action on the card they played. Red and blue cards will advance your dodo and ask you to do things like throw meteors at your opponent’s dodos or flick dodo eggs across the board. Red cards are extra powerful, but their effects can be negated if too many players use them in 1 round so you have to try to figure out what your opponents might play next. At the end of each round the lead player gets to advance 1 space and all other players get to draw a card.

I think Dodos Riding Dinos looks like a ton of fun and really family friendly. My group always ends up in fits of giggles during dexterity games due to our lacking dex stats, so I have high hopes for this one. The minis are also delightful and have a lot of character to them. Check out Dodos Riding Dinos here for more info.

Mini Express

As a sequel to Moaideas’s Mini Rails, Mini Express is a streamlined route building game about railroad baron’s trying to complete the transcontinental railroad. In it players will choose between two actions each round: Build tracks or buy shares. When laying tracks you can build for any rail company; connecting it to a new city. Then you will place 1 cube per hex on the shortest route into the city thereby expanding your influence and raising the value of that rail company. You gain points for influence and the value of your shares. Whoever has the most points wins.

Considering that you only have to choose between 2 actions each round, Mini Express looks like it packs a lot of strategy in a quick-play game. Most of the fun will come from the assessment of which lines you think your opponents will be expanding an when to capitalize on their efforts. Learn more about Mini Express on Kickstarter here.


Steampunk Rally Fusion

Steampunk Rally is a fantastic racing game and now Roxley Games is Kickstarting the sequel: Steampunk Rally Fusion. The basic idea is that the players are inventors testing out their creations by racing them against each other. Cobble together your machine on the fly, but beware, the racetrack isn’t without it’s hazards and parts of your machine might be knocked off as you race. Steampunk Rally Fusion has new tracks to race on, new inventors, abilities to add to your contraptions, new custom dice, and all new mechanics (events, overcharging, secret projects, and gearing up). As a bonus you can combine Fusion with the original game for even more fun.

This is a gorgeous reworking of Steampunk Rally and the new mechanics look like they will add a more variability and fun. Get your wallet in gear and head on over the Steampunk Rally Fusion Kickstarter here to learn more.

Tiny Ninjas: Heroes

There are a lot of sequels today! This one is the sequel to Tiny Ninjas, a fun dice-chucking, card  game about battling ninjas that can be played in the box it comes in. Tiny Ninjas: Heroes takes this idea even further with a new dual-layered box, new ninjas and hero ninjas, custom dice, and more. It also comes with a new solo adventure called Apocalypse, where you will face your ninjas off against zombie ninjas. The dual layered board acts as a battlefield where players will place their ninja dice in to wage war.Certain abilities will depend on positioning on the board, making Tiny Ninjas: Heroes more strategic than its predecessor.

Tiny Ninjas: Heroes looks like a more awesome version of Tiny Ninjas all around. Between the upgraded components and new mechanics, I cannot wait to try it out. Ninja vanish your way over to the Tiny Ninjas: Heroes Kickstarter to find out more. 

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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