lliza Shlesinger Partners With Ad Magic To Help First Responders

To support first responders during this tough time, actress and comedian, Iliza Shlesinger (Spenser Confidential and The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show), has partnered with Ad Magic in launching her own puzzle for PuzzleForThePandemic.com.

Fan’s can piece together Iliza’s puzzle called Unrequited Gaze for $15. The puzzle comes in a few different options: 108 Card Jumbo Puzzle, 54 Card Puzzle, 54 Card Puzzle with Playing Card PIPs (which can be used like regular poker cards). $5-$10 from each sale of this puzzle will be donated to the COVID-19 Charities. You can get your hands on a Shlesinger puzzle by heading over to puzzlesforthepandemic.com/products/iliza-shlesinger-unrequited-gaze.

“Spend hours gazing upon Tian Fu and me just as I spend hours staring at her!” – Iliza Shlesinger


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