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Game in a Minute: Friends of a Feather

Friends of a Feather
Set Collection
Forrest-Pruzan Creative, Prospero Hall

Friends of a Feather is a beautiful, simple children’s game that makes it easy for little hands to hold the brightly colored cards you will be collecting.  Check out our review!

2 thoughts on “Game in a Minute: Friends of a Feather

  • I am still struggling laying the game with my kids, how we start, what’s the rainbow card, number of cards taken in each turn…. Etc.

    May you give me the instructions step by step?

    • We just found out that we misread the rules. When we play, we like to see who can get to five of their feather colors first. So to start each player starts with 2 cards in their bird holder. The rest of the cards should be face down in a pile. Flip over a number of cards equal to the number of players +1. On your turn you can either draw 2 cards to add to your bird OR trade one of your feathers for one of the face-up feathers. Rainbow feathers count as any color. If the face-up cards do not match any players bird, you can discard them and flip over a new set. (You could also take all the colors you are not using out of the deck before playing if you want to make it easier) Once a player has 5 feathers of their color, they win. I hope this helps!


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